DevOps Engineer

We are looking for an ambitious DevOps engineer for our team to help us drive amazing results throughout our organization

  • Project processes automation;
  • Develop effective CI/CD processes according with blue-green deployment approach;
  • Deploy/support project environments.
  • Linux OS experience;
  • Experience of working with kafka;
  • Great experience of network stack;
  • Experience of working with Git;
  • Basic programming skills bash/Python/any script language;
  • Experience of working with VMWare.


  • Docker, Ansible, Chef;
  • CI/CD process understanding;
  • Gradle, Maven, Ant;
  • Zabbix, Newrelic;
  • PostgreSQL, Redis.
We will offer you:
  • Excellent mood, even on Mondays;
  • Become part of a friendly team;
  • Experience a thoughtful system of pumping and career growth;
  • Learning the Paths of Power under the guidance of experienced Jedi Knights;
  • To possess a pot of gold (according to the results of the interview);
  • Get the key to the fully equipped Vault in the city center;
  • Forever change the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world.
File your request and we’ll get back