The development of service-oriented information systems and industrial automation


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About company

Number of completed projects in the field of custom solution development and implementation of information systems based on various platforms and technologies. Since 2012, Novacom is a member of Softline Group

Our clients include both governmental organizations and commercial companies. Broad competences and immense practical experience allow Novacom to successfully develop information systems of high complexity for the most diverse market segments and industries.

О компании

Participation in IT industry associations:

  • Resident of the Belarus High Technology Park
  • Member of the Scientific and Technological Association “Infopark”

Quality assurance

High quality of our services in the field of software development, design, delivery and maintenance is confirmed by ISO 9001:2008 certificate.

Novacom specializes in development of information systems in the following fields:

Мы специализируемся на создании информационных систем

Our history

2006 – the first project of custom information system development in the field of electronic services.

2008 – Department of ECM systems is created. We start implementing projects on DIRECTUM platform.

2010 – the first SCADA project in oil and gas industry.

2012 – the first ERP project. At the end of the year, Novacom becomes a member of Softline Group.

2013 – the company integrates into Softline Group.

We help

  1. Clients – to implement and modernize important business processes by building, implementing and integrating information.
  2. State – solving the tasks faced by governmental authorities by the means of information technologies.
  3. Employees – developing their professional competences, gain new knowledge and industry-specific expertise, explore the specific features of information technology use in the markets of various countries.

Business principles

  1. Client-oriented approach. We strive to find the optimal solution that allows to achieve the best results for our customers.
  2. Project discipline. We pay great attention to observance of contract terms and follow the procedures and regulations approved by our clients.
  3. Public-private partnership. We invest in development of government-oriented solutions, thereby making partnership with us is reliable and beneficial for governmental authorities.
  4. Building stable project teams. We highly appreciate the experience and the competences of our employees.
  5. Ongoing development and innovations. We invest in our personnel education and development of new lines of business, solutions and technologies.

Key projects

  • The Ministry of Taxes and Duties of the Republic of Belarus
    Unified information database of regulatory (supervisory) authorities
    Automated information system for vending machine control
  • The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Republic of Belarus
    Unified portal of the Social Protection Fund of the Population of Belarus
    Electronic document archive of the Social Protection Fund of the Population
  • OBI Retail chain
    Electronic document archive
  • Pridnestrovskaya State District Power Plant 
    Electronic document workflow system
  • Gomel Chemical Plant
    Hazardous material release detection system
  • Mozyrsalt (salt production)
    Energy flow accounting system
  • Belorusneft Oil Company
    Corporate business process management and integration with SAP ERP
  • MTBank
    Electronic document workflow system and integration with the Interdepartamental document workflow system of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus
    Business processes related to foreign currency transaction agreement management