The development of service-oriented information systems and industrial automation


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Production management and industrial automation

Novacom possesses a wide experience of system integration in the field of production anagement – creation of manufacturing execution systems (MES) and industrial control systems (ICS) for enterprises of different industries.

The company delivers and maintains equipment and software within implemented solutions, as well as integrates them into the existing infrastructure. We propose solutions on the basis of the best national and foreign platforms (Wonderware, 1C, etc.), and also offer in-house developed solutions. We perform detailed assessment of project terms and cost, taking into consideration the unique economic and technological features of the client. We are able to integrate the existing industrial automation solutions into a single system, create a single production model and a production performance indicator database.


  • Manufacturing execution systems (MES)
  • Industrial control systems, including:
    • supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA),
    • energy resource accounting


  • Cost reduction and increased production efficiency
  • Improved productivity
  • Increased labor discipline
  • Better decision making, which takes less time