The development of service-oriented information systems and industrial automation


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Сustom development

Custom development of information systems is used to solve unique problems, for which there are no ready-to-use solutions. In this direction, developer competences are mostly defined not by knowledge of technologies, but by experience in a certain subject field, ability to cover it in general and to take all details in consideration.

Novacom is capable to perform the complete lifecycle of custom development – from researches in a particular subject field to commissioning, training and service. The directions that are most familiar to us include social security and provision of pensions, control and taxation functions, electronic services and many others.


  • High-performance functional portals
  • Information systems for institutions and organizations solving the problems of:
    • working with large number of simultaneous appeals;
    • processing large volumes of information;
    • interaction with different IT systems.
  • Electronic government, transfer of public services into an electronic form
  • Interaction between institutional and corporate IT systems


The Social Protection Fund of the Population under the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of the Republic of Belarus is a member of the structure of the Ministry and performs the following functions:

  • manages and coordinates collection of state social insurance funds and their management;
  • collects and accumulates insurance premiums and other payments provided by the legislation on social insurance;
  • finances payment of labor and professional pensions;
  • organizes and performs personalized record keeping on insurance holders. The Fund structure includes:
  • Central administrative office;
  • 6 regional and Minsk City Department;
  • 149 offices in cities and regions.


Providing statistical information and electronic document processing results to the payers of compulsory insurance payments.

  • Data entry from files with reporting data (with and without digital signatures) by the Fund department inspectors.
  • Data interchange with other information systems of the Fund (Automated Management System (AMS) for Personalized Accounting, Region AMS, Occupational Pension Insurance AMS).
  • Employees of the Fund departments can easily obtain statistical and other data.
  • Data interchange with labour institutions of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population.
  • Data interchange with registration institutions of the Ministry of Justice.
  • Providing information to legal and other government institutions.