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Novacom has been awarded by Directum for the highest number of projects


Within the framework of the Annual partner forum that took place in Sochi, Novacom, which is a member of Softline group of companies, was confirmed to be the leader in terms of implemented projects in Russia and the CIS on the Directum platform.

Directum is the leading developer of electronic workflow solutions.

The demand for advanced ECM technologies and paperless business processes is becoming higher and higher from day to day. Dmitry Dobrykh, Director of Novacom in Russia and the CIS, tells about business process automation and optimization, as well as import


Nowadays, the issue of cost optimization has become one of the most acute for virtually all companies. This task is by no means new, but now it is the time when the business environment stimulates companies to put maximum effort into its finding its solution.

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At the present time, almost 100% of documents in organizations is created in electronic form, but the vast majority of them is printed out for approval, review, signing, execution and other purposes.