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Dear ladies and gentlemen!

We invite you to participate in the first joint webinar of Novacom and Softline companies. The webinar subject is “ECM solutions: electronic workflow systems and electronic archives”.

Free-of-charge online webinar will take place at March, 3rd, 2015 at 11:00 AM Moscow time.

At the present time, almost 100% of documents in organizations is created in electronic form, but the vast majority of them is printed out for approval, review, signing, execution and other purposes. In this situation, an important issue arises: how to improve business efficiency and transparency, and at the same time cut down costs and reduce the time required for employees to work with the documents? The solution is implementation of electronic document workflow systems.

State-of-the-art electronic document workflow systems can perform the functions of electronic document storage but if your company faces the task of storing and processing a large number of documents (financial, contractual, legal, accounting, regulatory, HR, technical, organizational and administrative and many others), a specialized solution – electronic archive – is necessary.

Webinar plan:

Services and solutions of Novacom company.

Electronic archives:

  • Why is it necessary to create electronic archives on the enterprise?

  • Electronic archives for various branches of industry.

  • The means by which the Financial Document Electronic Archive provides great user experience when working with primary accounting statements.

Solutions based on Directum platform:

  • Main functional capabilities: versioning, digital subscription, data security and confidentiality, collaboration and sharing, bar code support, workflows.

Out-of-the-box solutions based on Directum platform:

  • Implementation of ready-to-use Administrative Office, Contract Management, and Citizen Application Management solutions at a fixed price and project terms.

  • The competitive advantages of Novacom and Softline Company.

Preliminary registration for the webinar is required!

About Softline

Softline is a leading global provider of IT-solutions and services. Softline has branch offices in 80 cities of 27 countries – on the territory of Russia, former Soviet Union, Latin America, Middle East, India and Southeast Asia. The company is one of the first players on the Russian IT market that entered the market of cloud technologies. Long-term cooperation of Softline Company with Microsoft and other vendors, high statuses and broad competences of the specialists allow us to render the full spectrum of IT services at the highest level: from recommendations on solution selection and pilot implementation to full-scale commercial launch of the system and further maintenance.