NOVACOM implemented the DIRECTUM BEL system in public utility companies of NOVOPOLOTSK

  • single data base and operational exchange of documents
  • exception of document loss and reduction of paper document flow
  • improvement of the implementation standard and maintenance of regulations
  • work time saving for preparing documents
Public Utility Information Consulting Unitary Enterprise “Novopolotsk Center of Entrepreneurship and Real Estate”
The center renders the following services: independent evaluation of buildings, structures; preparing and holding auctions for sale of rights of making rental contracts for permanent structures, rendering consultancy services.
  • to joint some organizations from Novopolotsk in a single information system
  • to automate work with organizational/administrative docflow and inquiries from citizens and legal persons, as well as to secure storage reliability of documents
  • to ensure interaction of the automated e-docflow system with the interdepartmental electronic document flow system in accordance with legal requirements of the Republic of Belarus


The e-docflow system was developed at the request of the Novopolotsk City Executive Committee. The main task was to create a single corporate system for enterprises from Novopolotsk under the control of the City Executive Committee. As a result 20 enterprises from Novopolotsk work in the system, average staff number is 4000 employees. The volume of docflow in the enterprises is more than 120000 documents per year. In future the system functionality will be expanded, more workplaces will be automated, as well as new legal persons will be connected. Based on the DIRECTUM Bel software, it is planned to develop the “E-city” system.


The implemented automated e-document system automates the docflow, including work with incoming and outgoing documents, internal organizational/administrative documents, control of their execution, work with inquiries from citizens and legal persons, it also provides for information interaction among the departments.
The system docflow is based on the principles of hybrid technology of joint usage of electronic and paper documents. Registration, reviewing, approval of documents, their sending to execution, preparing reports on execution of documents is made in an electronic form. It makes possible to save work time needed for preparing and executing documents. This solution ensures work with tools of e-signature certified in the Republic of Belarus at every workplace with a view to ensuring functions of coordination and signing of documents.
The system allows getting different statistical data: about the volume of docflow and workload of departments for work with documents; about the progress in implementation of delivered tasks, etc. with the purpose of their further analysis and executive decision-making.
The automated e-docflow system makes possible to create information interaction among organizations irrespective of information structure and order of interactions (possibility to create in the automated e-docflow system variety of scripts of information interaction and control) and ensures work with the system of interdepartmental electronic document flow.
The advantage for implementation is that the system makes possible for the customer’s employees to upgrade the automated e-docflow system to the customers’ requests. It cuts the cost for the system adaption and reduces dependence from the system provider.


Usage of e-documents simplifies search, creation and approval of documents, procedure maintenance of execution and storage of paper documents.
Throughout the project, we automated the processes of work with organizational/administrative documents, control over implementation of the resolution of the management team, control of inquiries from citizens and legal entities. The implementation ensures exception of document loss, compliance with the order of work with documents, shortens the volume of paper docflow and creates a single base of documents. Usage of an automated system e-docflow raises the implementation standard of employees.
We introduced connection between the automated e-docflow system and the system of interdepartmental document flow of the government bodies of the Republic of Belarus. It gives the Users possibility to exchange documents with different enterprises of the Republic of Belarus.

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