Implementation of an e-docflow system in the MINISTRY of Taxes and Duties

  • improvement the effectiveness of business processes in different branches
  • organization of docflow and improvement of its transparence
  • increase in the employees’ performance due to equal load distribution among the employees
  • speedup of documents thanks to work with e-requests
Ministry of Taxes and Duties of the Republic of Belarus
The Ministry of Taxes and Duties of the Republic of Belarus is a republican body of state administration that exercises control and supervisory activities. The Ministry of Taxes and Duties consists of 153 inspections. The total number of employees exceeds
  • to cut paper docflow, to exclude the necessity of storage of paper documents
  • to improve the performance discipline and efficiency of records management subdivisions
  • to ensure development of e-docflow with payers in the field of e-requests
  • to ensure cooperation with the system of interdepartmental electronic document flow


Previously the central office, regional and district departments had their separate local docflow. It led to loss of time in sending and approving documents, failure in task execution, document loss. To solve these problems, as well as as a part of implementation of the National program of accelerated development of services in the sphere of information and communications technologies, a government program of information support of tax authorities was accepted in 2011-2015.


At the first stage, our solution covered only the central office, 6 regional departments in the Republic of Belarus and the city department in Minsk. We connected local docflow with the central office, automated end-to-end processes which covered the whole structure and required control over execution of instructions from the center on places.
At the second stage, all inspections at the regional and district level were connected with the system, we built connection with the e-declaration portal of the Ministry of Taxes and Duties. It allowed us to create integration in the taxpayers’ e-declaration system and to distribute tasks among employees of tax offices.
The system technical architecture includes:

  • servers of DBMS
  • application and Directum servers
  • ABBYY Recognition Server
  • DICS controller
  • domain controllers
  • servers for data exchange with the system of interdepartmental electronic document flow

We made integration with other systems used by the Ministry of Taxes and Duties of the Republic of Belarus, for example, the automated information system “Tax calculation”, the national register of payers, the system of interdepartmental electronic document flow.
The system uses certificated crypto-tools and that allows us to avoid storage of paper documents. As a result, inter-office correspondence between the departments is carried on in an e-format.


The system implementation solved strategic, operating, administrative and other tasks. At the end of the year 2016, the system counted 100% Users in the central department and 50% Users in inspections. The statistics shows that every minute 6 tasks and 2 documents are created, 1 administrative document is registered.


  • The number of created documents and commissions is increased in 3-4 times
  • Up to 40 business-processes are automated
  • More than 6 mil. tasks are created every year
  • More than 1.5 mil. documents are created every year
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