Hazardous material release detection system based on Machine-to-machine technology for industrial objects

  • automation of actions and saving of working hours the responsible staff
  • improving the level of safety
Joint Stock Company “Gomel Chemical Plant”
Joint Stock Company “Gomel Chemical Plant” is one of the largest enterprises of petrochemical industry in Belarus, which is the only one in the country that produces phosphor-containing mineral fertilizers
  • automatic collection of information about the state of aerial environment on the territory around the liquid ammonia storage building, early detection of emergency emission of this substance
  • sending warnings to dispatcher, top management, emergency rescue service and plant personnel about the emergency
  • determining the borders of forecasted contamination zone, modeling the emergency situation development with meteorological conditions taken into account
  • information support of decision-making process on emergency elimination for the dispatcher

Pre-implementation project

Due to the reason that ammonia, which is hazardous for humans, is used at the enterprise, it was necessary to automate the detection of accidental releases and provide information support for attendant personnel, which is responsible for emergency situation elimination and minimization of its consequences.
Formerly, before the implementation of an automated system, the dispatcher that is responsible for informing emergency situations services and taking other necessary measures in case of emergency was obliged to manually perform all the prescribed actions.
It was necessary to automate these operations in order to increase their speed and reliability.


The sensors for detection of emergency ammonia concentration are installed around the perimeter of the ammonia storage that occupies 6 hectares. They are connected to the control cabinet that is installed in the storage building itself. Data from the control cabinet are transmitted to the automated working place (AWP) of the dispatcher in the plant management office in real-time mode via a cable communication line with a length of more than 1 kilometer. All information that is received from the devices and sensors is available on the operator’s automated working place in real-time mode. These data, as well as the dispatcher’s actions are registered.
The alarm management system, as well as sensors, is connected to the control unit, which allows to automatically activate local light and sound alarm systems in case of emergency situation or turn on the alarm mode following the operator’s instruction. Emergency situation authorities are informed automatically by using SMS messages. Estimation of contamination zone is performed with due consideration given to weather conditions, and is displayed on a digital map. Basing on available data, the system generates an emergency report. When the dispatcher receives a signal about an emergency and thorough data about it, he is obliged to start the execution of the instruction, which comprises sending notifications and warnings to emergency services, enterprise executives and workers that are within the territory of contamination, giving instructions about evacuation and measures to be taken. The dispatcher sees the instruction on the screen and can mark the fulfilled steps, which improves the precision of actions, especially in high-stress situation.


  • Measurement and real-time presentation of data about aerial concentration of ammonia has been established.
  • Estimation of the boundaries of forecasted contamination zone in case of emergency, modeling its development depending on meteorological conditions, information support of emergency elimination decision-making.
  • The system provides automatic activation of alarm signals and sending SMS warnings to enterprise executives and workers. The solution determines the people that fall within the contamination zone, and informs them in first turn.
  • Dispatcher’s time is saved. The major part of dispatcher’s work is automated, and, furthermore, the system controls and registers his actions.
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