The development of service-oriented information systems and industrial automation


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Cash circulation monitoring system

for various types of devices: cash registers, payment terminals, vending machines, slot machines in casino and others.


  • Increase the budget revenue
  • Reduce the scope of grey economy
  • Simplify and speed up the collection and processing of data about the payments for goods and services
  • Increase the efficiency of cash register and other trade equipment monitoring

Electronic tax invoice interchange

  • A source of additional budget revenue
  • Reduction of the grey economy share
  • Basis for correct tax calculation
  • Reduction of costs on paper-based document workflows
  • Speeding up tax invoice processing
  • Creating favorable conditions for commercial organizations

Cargo safety monitoring

An innovative solution for protecting wagons, trucks, and containers from unauthorized access during railroad and automotive transportation, which allows to increase the railroad transportation capacity

Long-term electronic archive for governmental institutions


  • Centralized long-term document storage
  • Automated search and timely delivery of documents by demand
  • Secure storage and work with unstructured documents and files of various formats
  • Providing access to documents from any location worldwide
  • Maintaining the legal validity of stored documents