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Cash circulation monitoring system


  • Increase the budget revenue.
  • Simplify and speed up the collection and processing of data about the payments for goods and services
  • Increase the efficiency of cash register and other trade equipment monitoring
  • Reduction of the total cost of ownership for cash register and other equipment (decreased workload on business owners)
  • Transition to paperless legally valid document workflow

Solution architecture

How does it work

  • The specialized protected device of the Tax Authority Control System (TACS) is connected to each device.
  • Identification of each payment is performed; it is possible to check the presence of any particular receipt in the system.
  • The device has a GSM module that transfers data (receipts, shift reports and telemetry signals) to the Data Processing Center (DPC) via the mobile operator network. When communication channel is offline, the data are collected in a non-volatile memory of the Tax Authority Control System and are transferred when the connection is restored.
  • Integrity, identification and confidentiality of transmitted data is provided by cryptographic information protection facilities (CIPF) due to data encryption and application of digital signatures.
  • The Tax Authority Control System is linked to a specific device.
  • The size of the Tax Authority Control System allows to embed it into the majority of devices, its installation and registration requires just 10-15 minutes.

 Solution benefits

  • Provides efficient cash register and vending equipment monitoring in real-time mode
  • A unified solution compatible with all types of devices through which payment is performed: cash registers, vending machines, slot machines, electronic payment terminals, taxi meters, etc.
  • Secure information transfer channels
  • Allows to reveal abuses of the service providers and maintenance organizations
  • Creates basis for the analysis of sold products/services for supervisory authorities and owners, and provides information on equipment status and performance
  • Verified and compliant to the best practices
  • Minimal architectural cost of the solution:
    • the tax authority supervision device is connected
    • to the existing equipment that allows to avoid
    • replacement of cash registers;
    • every device in bound to a specific equipment
    • unit;
    • development and upgrade capabilities (remote
    • software update delivery and change of parameters);
    • existing mobile operator network can be used for
    • data transfer

Main user groups