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Long-term electronic archive

Tasks and problems

  • There are numerous places and methods of storing documents
  • A lot of documents of various types
  • Electronic documents should be kept in compliance with all regulations
  • It is necessary to provide state services and carry out governmental functions related to providing information and documents in required terms
  • Electronic archiving systems are disparate, there are archives of various types, architecture, based on different platforms and storage media. It is necessary to maintain them and keep them up-to-date.
  • Separate budgets development and maintenance of these system for each institutions (every institution has to pay at least once for archive development, and then for its modernization and technical support).

Proposed solution

A service for development and maintenance of a Unified institutional electronic archive for state and municipal institutions (the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Labor, the Ministry of Finances, the Tax Service, and others).

The solution provides a unified storage platform for working with documentation, grants the capabilities of automated archive keeping and providing access to necessary documents.

Solution features

  • Centralized long-term document storage.
  • Guaranteeing the integrity and the genuineness of electronic documents during the entire storage duration
  • (legal validity support).
  • Automated search and timely document delivery on demand.
  • Capabilities of storage and working with unstructured documents and files of various formats.
  • Providing access to documents from any geographical location.

Solution architecture

Solution benefits

  • Provided electronic service can be chargeable with amount of payment dependent on used functionality
  • Absence of payments for user licenses, equipment purchasing and implementation
  • Possibility of cloud-based or data center hosting
  • Cost reduction
    • For solution development (no recurrent payments for archive development)
    • For solution maintenance
  • Decreased expenditures on document storage
  • Document archive occupies less physical space
  • Execution of governmental functions and delivery of services in due time.
  • Improved document access control and monitoring.
  • Increased reliability and storage security.