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Cargo safety monitoring

Cargo Safety Monitoring based on electronic sealing equipment is an innovative solution for protecting wagons, trucks, tanks and containers from unauthorized access during railroad and automotive transportation, which allows to increase the railroad transportation capacity.


Solution background

  • Considerable amount of human labor is involved in the process of cargo safety monitoring during transportation (companies have to maintain a special group of employees), and the procedure of checking itself is performed manually and requires quite a lot of time.
  • There are problems in monitoring and controlling the situations, when it is necessary to unseal the wagons and reseal them again before arrival to the destination location.
  • It is impossible to reveal the cases of possible thievery in due time and timely respond to them in order to prevent losses.

Potential clients

  • Railroads
  • Sea ports
  • Logistical companies
  • Transportation companies
  • Customs services

Main system components

System capabilities

  • Unique cargo identification and online transportation monitoring.
  • Protection from vandal breaches and resistance to strong mechanical impact.
  • Notification about and registration of malicious breach attempts and access to protected cargo.
  • Comprehensive analytical capabilities and storage of information about transported cargos.
  • Informational compatibility with security systems and IT infrastructure.
  • Autonomous and uninterruptible device operation