The development of service-oriented information systems and industrial automation


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Reporting collection and processing system

Not everybody realizes that process of collecting and processing even simple requests from organization‘s departments or branches is not so trivial and requires significant expenses. It is necessary to create and send a paper document which is practically always duplicated by the e-mail. Then it is required to trace and remind of timeliness of information provision to respondents. After obtaining the response it is required to enter the received data to a storage (from Excel to the DBMS) and to check correctness and completeness of data.

The offered system of the reporting collection allows to simplify this process by means of arranging common work environment for creation, distribution of the reporting forms and collection of required reporting data


Electronic trading platforms

Electronic trading platforms are necessary in selling unique goods in such segments of the market as dealing in real estate and such as trade in objects of art and collecting. On the other hand, electronic trading platforms are useful in selling standard goods such as oil products, metals, agricultural products and other raw materials.

Electronic trading platform could become the tool enhancing the existing business, or independent business for entrepreneurs specializing in intermediary activities.


Reference Data System

The Novacom unified Reference Data (RD) Management System allows to develop united principles of RD management, checking for data correctness, and integrating with business applications.

The unified RD management system is a combination of information, technical, software, regulatory and methodological tools designed for managing, keeping and using the enterprise-level RD in companies with complex regional structure or non-unified information environment.


Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a concept of business documents exchange between counterparts through the intermediary – the centralized service of document transfer. It describes arrangement methodology of "communication" of counterparts’ information systems by means of electronic messages without human input.

The main objective of EDI is to replace exchange of paper documents by electronic document flow between information systems.