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Reporting collection and processing system

Reporting collection and processing system

Not everybody realizes that process of collecting and processing even simple requests from organization‘s departments or branches is not so trivial and requires significant expenses. It is necessary to create and send a paper document which is practically always duplicated by the e-mail. Then it is required to trace and remind of timeliness of information provision to respondents. After obtaining the response it is required to enter the received data to a storage (from Excel to the DBMS) and to check correctness and completeness of data.

The offered system of the reporting collection allows to simplify this process by means of arranging common work environment for creation, distribution of the reporting forms and collection of required reporting data

Key goals and objectives:

• To increase immediacy, efficiency and quality of collection and provision of information within spacially distributed structures or structures with a large number of departments.

• To reduce quantity of errors when filling primary report due to creation of form templates and application of formal logical monitoring at a data entry stage.

• To lower time expenditure on formation and submission of summary statements and analytical reporting.

System functionality

• Creation of forms (Form designer):

• Publication of forms:

• Data provision:

• Data collection monitoring:

• Administration:

• Keeping of internal reference data

Advantages of implementation:

 • Common work environment: there is no more need to spend time for preparation and distribution of reporting forms.

• Web interface: there is no need to distribute and install any software on computers of remote users.

• Common repository: need for storage of reporting data on computers of respondents that reduces probability of their loss, theft and unuthorized access disappears.

 • Control of timeliness and correctness of account forms delivery on all levels of reporting delivery chain.

• Quick access to all primary and summary reporting data.

Implementation effect (according to the experts)

• up to 80% of reducing costs of expendables

• reducing expenditures on telephone and fax by 75%

• the number of errors in case of manual data input / transfer is reduced by 95%

• 70-80% less costs of working hours for data entry and their check