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Electronic trading platforms

Nowadays an increasing number of the organizations begin to think about creation of electronic trading platforms. Someone needs to create electronic trading platform for arrangement of electronic purchases system at the enterprise, someone on the contrary needs electronic trading platform for sale of products at electronic auctions. For banks the personal electronic trading platform would help in such business as collateral disposal or claims sale. Creation of electronic trading platform would allow bankruptcy commissioners to arrange the electronic auction to sell bankrupts’ property competently and accurately. Attorney organizations selling distrained property could also hold tenders by means of electronic auctions. Due to the coming into effect of the Law No. 223-FZ "About purchases of goods, works, services by separate types of legal entities", many enterprises coming with the purview of it make the decision to creation their own electronic trading platforms.

The system allows to hold auctions, tenders, requests for quotations and proposals and other types of auctions with saving full history of events.

For what branches is this decision intended?

Electronic trading platforms are necessary in selling unique goods in such segments of the market as dealing in real estate and such as trade in objects of art and collecting. On the other hand, electronic trading platforms are useful in selling standard goods such as oil products, metals, agricultural products and other raw materials.

Electronic trading platform could become the tool enhancing the existing business, or independent business for entrepreneurs specializing in intermediary activities.

Advantages of the system for auctioneers

• Transparency and openness of the auction, corruption exception

• Increase in audience of buyers and suppliers, simplification of procedure of search and informing participants

• Efficiency in tendering arrangement (publications, formation of auction and declaration of results)

• Saving of money caused by choosing an optimal offer

• Saving of internal resources due to the considerable saving of working hours

• Lowering of overhead costs on publication and communication with bidders

• Flexible integration and compliance to internal business processes of the company

• Operations history saving, possibility of receiving statistics

• Minimal cost of possession due to possibility of using Open Source technologies

Advantages of the system for participants

• Fast search of the necessary information

• Increase in sales market

• Honest competition excluding incorrect methods of work

• Equal rights for all bidders

• Possibility to participate in auctions keeping to the office or from anywhere globally

Use of electronic trading platform allows to provide choice transparency for buyer or supplier, to receive the best sale or purchase conditions and to reduce costs of their arrangement.

Business process of trading platform