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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a concept of business documents exchange between counterparts through the intermediary – the centralized service of document transfer. It describes arrangement methodology of "communication" of counterparts’ information systems by means of electronic messages without human input.

The main objective of EDI is to replace exchange of paper documents by electronic document flow between information systems.

Main objectives of EDI

  • To replace information exchange on papers
  • To standardize and unify data
  • To integrate data processing in IS
  • To reduce percentage of manual labour
  • To increase speed and accuracy of data collection
  • To guarantee efficient delivery of data
  • To provide necessary control, management  and legalization of information flows
  • To guarantee information security

Main functions of EDI

  • Search of goods and suppliers, information viewing, comparing prices, keeping ratings
  • Forming, saving and sending EDI documents
  • Signing documents with EDS
  • Integration with registration systems (for example, with 1C or SAP)

The main objective of EDI is to replace exchange of documents on papers with electronic document flow between information systems

Advantages of implementation

  • Increase of commodity turnover in up to to 15% due to decreasing time of goods stockout
  • Reducing costs of expendables up to 80% due to lowering the expenditure of paper, cartridges, service of office equipment, etc.
  • Expenses on telephone and fax would be cut down for 75%
  • Working hours of the involved staff are reduced by 70–80% due to reducing manual labour
  • Quantity of errors in manual data entry decreases by 95% due to lowering human factor and refusing of duplicating/data transfer
  • Data on EDI efficiency assessment was obtained by results of implementations in companies of former Soviet (Russian Federation, Ukraine, the Baltic States) and far abroad(the USA, Europe) countries

EDI documents exchange