Systems of remote fiscalization of cash turnover

A developed and time-tested solution for supervisory state agencies, financial sector and retail enterprises. It allows to control cash and money turnover from various types of devices: cash registers, mobile devices, payment terminals, vending machines and other devices
Increase in revenue thanks to transaction control
Cost saving for equipment maintenance
Data collection to control retail turnover
Our solution is a hardware-software complex based on IoT conception. Our solution enables remote monitoring and collection of data on cash and non-cash payments from any POS or mobile device with data transfer function into Data Processing Center in real-time mode.
  • Data are collected by a microcontroller based on M2M technology which connection to objects is performed via USB or other ports
  • The device has a GSM module that transfers data to the Data Processing Center
  • This is a high-performance device which can process hundreds of transactions in a minute
  • When communication channel is offline, the data are collected in a non-volatile memory of the Tax Authority Control System and are transferred when the connection is restored
  • Adapted to work with different types of devices and interfaces
  • Has an encryption and data protection tool
Special module (USB, micro USB)
GSM channels
Information system
Information security system
Data Processing Center
User authentication
Developed applications allow their users to carry out cash operations from any devices
Cash and non-cash transaction control
Support of different types of cash documents
Unique identification code (UID) for cash documents
Control of cash document integrity and authenticity
Guarantee of confidentiality of cash documents transferred
  • Full development cycle from architectural design to system maintenance and development
  • Project teams which combine technical and industry-specific expertise
  • Compliance with deadlines and contractual terms
  • Continuous cooperation with clients during the project
  • Following information security requirements
  • Prototyping and testing
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