Telemetry and machine-to-machine systems

Modern technologies and communication links make it possible to capture and process data on any electronic device. We develop both individual program platforms, which are used to receive, process and visualize data from thousands of smart devices, and full-stack systems
Data capture from distributed devices
Data transfer in real time
Data analysis and process monitoring
Our systems based on telemetry and machine-to-machine technologies make it possible not only to capture and analyze big data but also to forecast actions of personnel and to provide remote device control. A smart factory today is a basis of competitiveness tomorrow.
  • Technologies for data capture from different devices
  • Necessary performance by data processing and transfer
  • Access to information by web and mobile applications
  • Creating a single information space depending on users and data types
  • Device works under any weather condition
  • Usage of accessible links
Device prototyping
Creation of microcontrollers
Software complex
Data communication channels
Safety systems
Mobile and web applications
Inspection and preparation of conception and terms of reference
Technical project development and coordination with compliance monitoring authorities
Production, delivery of equipment and materials
Assembling and pre-commissioning activities
Software platform development
Provision of cooperation with adjacent systems, guarantee support
  • Full development cycle from architectural design to system maintenance and development
  • Project teams which combine technical and industry-specific expertise
  • Compliance with deadlines and contractual terms
  • Continuous cooperation with clients during the project
  • Following information security requirements
  • Prototyping and testing
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