Utility metering systems

The value of natural resources grows up every day and demands caring attitude and rational use. Today many lands focus their national policy on the program of energy saving and energy efficiency. It increases the marketability of organizations on the external and internal market. We develop metering systems to monitor different types of resources for industry objects and branches
Resource consumption monitoring
Optimal use
Decrease in resource share in the production prime cost
The developed system is designed to control, manage and analyze the effectiveness of consumption of basic resources, for example, electrical energy, gas, water and others. The system makes possible to control emission of hazard substances to prevent accidental situations. We have an experience in development of full-stack solutions for many objects and objects with irregular shape (storages, warehouses, energy transmission lines, etc.)
  • We offer development of only a program part or complex implementation of your project from transducer assembling to system start
  • With our partners we develop a technical project and coordinate it with compliance monitoring authorities
  • We work with electronic transducer types and electronic devices
  • We ensure cooperation with adjacent systems
  • We provide after-sales service and technical support
Creation of a single information space
Automated energy, water, natural gas accounting
Data collection from metering devices of different producers
Big data analysis and forecasting
Monitoring of accidents
Reference to the Geographic information system and forecasting of actions of personnel
CONTROLLED RESOURCES Water, heat, energy, gas, electricity
FIELDS OF APPLICATION Government, housing and utilities sector, Smart home, Smart manufacturing
INTEGRATION with corporate systems ERP, MES, automated technological process control system and others
  • Full development cycle from architectural design to system maintenance and development
  • Project teams which combine technical and industry-specific expertise
  • Compliance with deadlines and contractual terms
  • Continuous cooperation with clients during the project
  • Prototyping and testing
  • Following information security requirements
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