The document is a key data-storage item within the company, as well as in coordination with its partners. Transfer to the e-docflow helps to save human, time and financial resources. With the growth of the corporate content, the requirements to docflow also rise: creation, storage, availability, reliability and updating requirements. We develop systems for complex tasks of internal and external docflow
ECM system usage helps to create, manage, deliver and exchange documents in the company or with suppliers and customers, makes the team work on documents more simple and useful. Such solution makes the process of content creation and delivery of documents intelligible, cuts time on routine operations, provides quickly search of necessary information.
  • Process automation – from organizational/administrative document flow to document exchange with partners
  • Single workspace and quick search depending on the context or reference details
  • Consolidation of all work associated with documents within a single system
  • Maximum reach of e-docflow functionality: from document creation to guaranteed delivery, long-term storage and archiving
  • Work support with different versions throughout the document's lifecycle
  • Choice of a basic platform and technology
Operational cooperation among departments within the company and with partners
Costs saving due to refusal of hard-copy paperwork
Reliable data to make managerial decisions
Risk minimization of document loss
Time reduction to find necessary documents
  • In-depth analysis and expert examination of field processes
  • Integration with corporate information systems
  • High performance, reliability and system fault tolerance
  • Differentiation of access rights and information security
  • Mobile and remote access
  • Multitier architecture, including database management systems, file storages, clients’ applications
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