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We follow all relevant trends and technologies designing and developing IT- systems. Our team includes programmers proficient in main modern languages, engineers and business analysts skilled at distributed databases, mobile platforms and specialits in other technologies. Our IT-solutions bring digital transformation to governments, private business, banks and other companies

Extended social welfare, education, training and professional growth
  • Working at valuable industry-specific projects
  • Being part of IT company with big experience
  • Using modern office premises
  • Getting paid at a market wages rate
  • Participate in corporate social and sport events
  • Get extra cash bonuses on appropriate occasions
  • Receive additional professional training
  • Improve skills in foreign languages
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We are happy to welcome every new employee providing comfortable and friendly office environment
    new employees to intervene into new job quickly and smoothly
    work space in a modern office, flexible working hours, social allowances
    teamwork on large and interest projects
    and encourage to attend seminars and conferences, provide access to industry-related events and information
    employees’ individual skills and potential
    and take part in entertaining, sportive and corporate sessions and events
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