Analysis, automation and data processing. Novacom has developed an analytical solution that organize large amount of data.

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Many organizations face the need to process large amount of information. All business activities include time-consuming and repetitive operations that can be automated. How to get current information based on the existing database, system or program without much effort? How to analyze information of organization? How to calculate the required data according to a given algorithm?

Novacom specialists developed solution for analyzing, automating and processing data, which is based on the most modern and reliable technological platforms, such as (Picture 1)

Picture 1. Solution architecture

Novacom’s analytical system protects data of your company. For this purpose, the system has a data backup and recreate unit.

Two blocks were allocated in the analytical solution - public and professional. The public block is in the public domain. The professional block is intended for internal use by employees of the organization, as well as law enforcement and regulatory authorities, if necessary.

Analysis, enrichment, data merging, including the calculation of the necessary data according to a given algorithm - all these functions are available in analytical system. It also has the ability to adjust the refresh rate, force data refresh and generate data refresh results. The big advantage of this solution is that the system has no restrictions on the amount of data being processed.

Any customer systems, databases (Picture 2), instant messengers, and monitoring systems can also serve as sources for analysis.

Picture 2. Supported databases

Analysis results can be displayed with different frameworks. We will help you choose the best visualization  based on your needs and data type. There are no restrictions in the forms of graphs in analytical solution - graphs of changes over time, histograms for comparing the necessary indicators, pie charts and much more.

The analytical solution developed by Novacom is already being used by one of the biggest goverment structure in the Republic of Belarus (Picture 3).

Picture 3. Visualization

Novacom develops software with modern technologies. Big experience in software development allows the company to implement complex and large projects by individual needs of the customer.