Novacom celebrates 15th anniversary!

25 dates.month.long.10 2021

Novacom opened it's doors on September 22, 2006. From a small group of like-minded people Novacom became an international company, which includes more than 100 highly qualified employees and has more than 50 successfully completed projects. This is a great reason to be proud!

In 2021, in honor of the 15th anniversary of the company, we decided to make the holiday bright and unforgettable.

For the celebration we have chosen the Golf Club Minsk. We stopped at such an unusual format for a reason - as in our work, we try to keep up with the times, choose the most advanced technologies and we start new projects with great pleasure. How many of you have ever played real golf, and even under the guidance of a professional coach? So we are, many of us picked up a golf club for the first time.

Before the game we were able to enjoy a welcome coffee with canapes and took photos in the photo zone. After that, we were divided into teams. The goal of the game is to score a ball into the hole with fewer strokes. The spirit of competition has captured players! But, as they say, the strongest won.

After the game, we moved to a snow-white holiday tent to continue the celebration. A lot of surprises were waiting for us there.

During the evening, a lot of interesting things awaited us: the presentation of the CEO of the company Pavel Dernovski, during which we remembered (and the very new ones learned) what a long and interesting journey Novacom had traveled over these 15 years; congratulations from Veronica Koroleva, a representative of Softline, and many other surprises.

The holiday mood was flaring up: we danced incendiary and sang along with the hits performed by the cover band. Novacom even has favorite songs, without which not a single celebration is complete.

Well, what is a birthday without a birthday cake? Delicious cake was the perfect ending to the evening, traditionally presented by the CEO of Novacom.

Happy BirthdayNovacom!