Novacom project got a special certificate at the DIRECTUM AWARDS competition

10 dates.month.long.1 2018

The Novacom project was highly praised by the expert team at the DIRECTUM Awards competition and got a certificate with the project «Electronic interaction system for an enterprise with a territorially distributed structure».

The customer of this project is Belorusneft. The project is an example of the planned movement of the enterprise from paper to electronic processes. Thanks to the connection to the interdepartmental workflow system made for the state bodies of the Republic of Belarus, the processes are brought to the level of external counterparties.

DIRECTUM Awards is a competition in which members of the DIRECTUM community demonstrate examples of their successful projects based on the DIRECTUM system, as well as software products closely related to document circulation.

Find the detailed description of the project at the competition site Registered users can ask a question to the company experts on open access.