Republican Authority "National Center for e-Service" implement a new service “Institutional e-archive”

8 dates.month.long.5 2018

This solution presents a hardware and software complex, corresponded to automate archive processes and keep an e-documents archive for governmental and other organizations. Novacom is a developer of the software component of this solution.

Usage of the system makes it possible to switch to the complete e-docflow rapidly, including documents over 10 years and those of permanent retention period, and in the near future to transfer e-documents for permanent storage by the government.

Access to the system provides through the web interface. For the organization no operational necessary to have technical specialists responsible for hardware and databases administration.

The automated informational system “Institutional e-archive” has received an expert conclusion from supervisory authority «Belarusian Research Centre for Electronic Records» that approves the compliance of system’s functionality for e-documents storage in accordance with Belorussian legislation at archiving and corporate record processes.

You can find more information about the service and price on the web site of the National Center for e-Service