Business process management (WORKFLOW)

Every organization has its own business processes. Modern ECM systems make it possible to organize a simple and comfortable team work on information exchange tasks and quick approval. As a result, all business processes at the enterprise are joined together in a single system. We structure business processes in companies, hierarchy and multi-location structures
Create a useful and intelligible cooperation mechanism
Teamwork on tasks
Provide a tool of task control
Quick start of new business processes
Our workflow systems regulate, structure and automate processes and tasks, which are performed step by step or by separate departments/work teams at the same time. The system capabilities make it possible to manage the work flow and to control processes and this allows to achieve the necessary result quickly and effectively.
  • Automation of key business processes – approval of documents, commission distribution, implementation supervision, team work on the projects and others
  • Synchronization of tasks, guides, records, documents of any type and size
  • Organization of cooperation among employees by team work
  • High scalability in number of parallel users, scope of problems/tasks and document types, database volume
  • Assured and quick information delivery to all process participants
  • Reach of all employees from the TOP-manager to the performer
DATABASES: Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird
INTEGRATION: 1С, MS CRM, SAP and other systems
Improvement of performance discipline
Effective communication among the employees working on the tasks
Operational work on difficult and routine processes
Quick search and analysis of information on basic processes
Compliance with legislation and corporate requirements
Reduced time to carry out operations
  • In-depth analysis and expert examination of field processes
  • Integration with corporate information systems
  • High performance, reliability and system fault tolerance
  • Differentiation of access rights and information security
  • Mobile and remote access
  • Multitier architecture, including database management systems, file storages, clients’ applications
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