Electronic trading platform for holding auctions

  • improving economic efficiency of sales
  • saving financial and time resources
  • allowing to reach the maximum number of participants
  • exclusion of the corruption factor
Trading House “Vostochny”
The Trading House “Vostochny” is a republican service and trade unitary enterprise. The core business of the enterprise is sale of cars transformed into the state property.
  • to simplify the process of auction procedure organization and optimization
  • to sell lots at the most favorable price
  • to increase the number of participants and to secure them convenient conditions
  • to ensure correlation between an accounting system and an electronic platform


The solution lies in using the trade platform developed by the Novacom employees, which was adapted according to the customer requirements, and that made possible to implement the system within the minimum period of time (1 month).
The employees of the Trading House “Vostochny”, who are responsible for organizing auctions and bidding, publish auctions, information on lots, time limits and other general information. Every person interested can be a participant (an individual and a legal entity, a resident and a non-resident of Belarus). The registration system consists of two steps. At the first stage, the person should be accredited. If all necessary data are put right, the system will send a message that the first step is successfully completed. The user gets an e-mail with confirmation and then he completes the procedure of accreditation. The participant sees all current auctions on the home page of the system. By choosing a lot which he is interested in, the participant can look through the full information available for the lot. Before the auction starts, its participants pay a deposit (if the participant is a winner of the auction, the deposit will be taken into account as a part of final settle for the lot based on the agreement of sale and purchase; other participants get their deposits in 5 days). The system gives a possibility to recall a request until the auction starts. On the auction day the participant should complete his/her final registration, then he/she enters the page with the lot which he/she wants to buy at the auction. With the purpose to prevent lobbying of anyone’s interests, the auction organizer sees only an impersonal list of participants (their assigned codes). At the end it is decided on the winner who gets an e-mail that he/she is a winner, other participants get the winner’s code.


The primary task (to simplify bidding organization procedure) set by the customer was fully accomplished.
The platform implementation contributed to task solving:

  • It is not necessary to be physically present when participants apply for their participation in the auction and also during the auction;
  • The risks by participants of the auction are reduced (the platform excludes lobbying of anyone’s interests);
  • The auction life cycle is 5 days (from the date of publication till bidding);
  • Theestimated system load is up to 200 tenders a dayTheestimated system load is up to 200 tenders a day.
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