Internet resource for keeping the register of persons with restricted access to gambling establishments

  • the resource that provides on-line access to data for gambling organizers, supervisory and law enforcement agencies
  • protection of citizens from gambling addiction
The Ministry of Taxes and Duties of the Republic of Belarus
  • gathering information about a person who wants to limit himself to visiting gambling establishments
  • maintain a list of such people and information on them
  • providing access to controlling and law enforcement bodies
  • organize high-level information security

Pre-implementation situation

There are citizens in the country, who, realizing their gambling problems, are willing to present declarations that they want their access to gambling establishments to be restrained.


People can get to gambling establishments only after presenting their passports.  Therefore, it was required to create an information resource containing information on all people who decided to place self-restraint on gambling.
A large-scale mechanism of access rights differentiation was created within the framework of the resource. The access was provided to controlling authorities and to gambling establishment owners, and the database of natural persons is refilled by each given gambling establishment.
Restraint of access to gambling establishments and taking part in gambling is made by a person by presenting a written declaration to an organizer of gambling. The declarations from citizens are given for a definite period of time and cannot be revoked by the declarant. The terms of self-restraint can vary from 6 months up to three years. At that, submitting such a declaration to the owner of a gambling establishment is considered as presenting such a declaration to all the organizers of gambling on the territory of Belarus. Having received such a document, the organizer of gambling is obliged, within 24 hours, to submit its copy to the MTD subdivisions, and the MTD officer is to enter the data into the information system within 24 hours on receiving the declaration copy.


Thanks to this Internet resource, the Ministry of Taxes and Duties can keep a unified register on all natural persons that are restrained in access to gambling establishments, and also grant access to this register to the organizers of gambling, as well as controlling and law enforcement authorities.
Only in the first two weeks of the resource, 430 people took the opportunity to ban entry to gambling establishments.
Solved problems:

  • Input of information on a person which, on his (her) free will, placed restraints on access to gambling establishments.
  • Keeping the register on such persons and data on them.
  • Providing access to this information to gambling organizers of, as well as to controlling and law enforcement authorities.
  • Ensuring the information security of the system.
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