Internet portal of the Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange

  • filing an application online
  • reducing load on the employees
  • reducing the number of paper documents
  • maintaining an archive of e-documents
Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange
JSC “Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange” (BCSE) is a trading platform serving the three main segments of the organized financial market of the Republic of Belarus (currency, stock and futures market). BCSE carries out the following activities: organiz
  • certification of e-documents by an e-signature
  • searching for e-documents by the inquiry formed and view of the search results


The system works on 1 server. The main function of the portal is reception of documents from participants in a bidding process over the Internet, their control and transfer into the Exchange information systems. To confirm authenticity of documents and their protection, technologies of e-signature are used, necessary certificates and keys are given to participants in bidding processes. The main format of data exchange is pdf, a signed registration card is attached to every document in XML format. In the card there are following characteristics: type of a document, creation date, author, whom it was created for, statistical data. After verification of an e-signature, the accuracy of filling in the documents is controlled.
This solution also gives to internal Users (exchange employees) statistics and other types of reporting. In 2009 the portal was organized not based on DBMS, but in catalogues – it was made at the customer’s request.
Early in the year 2011, the resource had 120 thousand files and it took 15 minutes to make excerpts for one day. In that regard, the system was transferred to DBMS Oracle. The file-oriental DBMS (base of front-end processing and archive) was successfully upgraded. The whole portal is in the internal network of the Exchange, it is not possible to get access to the portal from outside.


  • all markets of the Exchange (currency, stock and trading market) have access to the portal;
  • work with more than 71 types of documents is automated;
  • the e-archive includes more than 120 thousand documents;
  • the load on the employees cooperating with participants in bidding is reduced.
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