Archive of e-documents for the Social Protection Fund

  • cutting the cost for storage of documents
  • clearing spaces occupied for storage of paper documents
  • preserving documents relevance in law
  • time saving in the search of documents
Social Protection Fund of the Republic of Belarus
The Social Protection Fund of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Republic of Belarus (hereinafter referred to as “the Fund”) is a State administrative body within the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection for managing state-sponsored soc
  • to accept e-documents for a long-term storage;
  • to furnish statistical and other information;
  • to issue e-document copies;
  • to ensure compatibility with international standards.


The Fund constantly accepts a high number of e-documents. As a result, the Fund has faced a problem of long-term storage.
Implementation background:

  • High volume of documents with a period of storing of more than 75 years,
  • Support of the legal value of documents with an e-signature,
  • The key retention time is much less than the document retention period. There is also a probability that the software, in which the document was signed with an E-signature, will be out of use.
  • The software used for creating documents and looking through them will be inaccessible.

In such a way, it was necessary to create a maximally automated system of e-archive management. The system would keep records of documents entry, provide their long-term storage and search in the e-archive with a possibility to create legally valid copies of e-documents in digital and paper forms. It was also necessary to foresee an autonomous tool for visualization of documents stored.


Because nobody had developed a similar system in the Republic of Belarus and all solutions on the market had been simple digital warehouses, it was decided to create a special system for this task. The implemented solution has the following work principle: at the end of its life cycle the document enters the archive of e-documents.
The system checks E-signature validity, document integrity, cryptosecurity mechanisms. The document is in the archive in an unmodified state, but it is also converted into an archive document and signed with an archive e-signature.
The search and processing of archive documents are performed with automated client workplaces, which function on the web browser by secure links. Hand input is available. The archive content is indexed for the search purpose: specialized search tables are created based on information-retrieval characteristics. It is very convenient that the archive forms itself, because it is not necessary to augment the system for new types of documents.
You must only describe a structure and the archive creates necessary indexes, objects for saving and lookup tables.  
Only a descriptive part and as maximum services of interoperating with the information system are augmented for a new type of documents. The e-archive systematizes documents, allows their extracting in electronic or paper form, guarantees the validity during the whole period of storing, as well as foresees the e-document destruction mechanism in accordance with laws.
The file archiving and storage system provides for data backup and other security mechanisms.  
Now we are improving this solution. Its updated version will have a module structure. The archive could be created from parts that will help the customer create a necessary archival environment.


  • The system automatically receives, processes and transfers more than 30 million documents per year, maximum retention period – 75 years
  • The solution guarantees the legal value of documents during the whole period of storing; it provides for a possibility to create legally relevant copies of e-documents in digital and paper forms
  • All documents can be visualized no matter which viewer will be used in a future
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