Information portal of the State Employment Agency

  • effective information interaction
  • saving working hours
  • resource contributing to employment of population
  • reduction of paper workflow
Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Republic of Belarus
The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Republic of Belarus is a republican State administrative body that exercises control in the sphere of work and work safety, employment of citizens, social safety and demographic security.
  • to search vacancies and CVs, to create and publish them;
  • to post information about employment questions;
  • to create a single mechanism of information interaction;
  • to organize e-docflow between divisions


The State Employment Agency had its own information resource with approximately 136 separate databases. For example, if the user wanted to collect statistics at the central level, it was necessary to make requests into every database.
All economic operators, which have open vacancies, must also give information about them in the State Employment Agency.
Information was submitted by phone or by filing documents with the State Employment Agency specialists, where the specialist entered data in manual way. Then those documents were sent to a bank of vacancies in the form of XML files.
It was necessary to create a system for ensuring interaction of information suppliers and consumers with automated systems and databases; to create conditions for integration of information resources of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Republic of Belarus. It was important to ensure two-way information exchange: previously the data flow about vacancies was sent into one side – into the republican job bank and only a specialist of employment agency could introduce changes into information. Reference information was shared over all bases in manual way.


The portal ensures information exchange among the State Employment Agency databases, as well as reporting of information about jobless people to government. The portal allows employers to manage vacancies in online mode. Posted vacancies are transferred automatically into a relevant regional base. Individual persons can register as job seekers and publish their resumes, sign up for newsletters about new vacancies, send data to register as unemployed. There is regulatory and reference information on the portal.


  • The workload on specialists of the employment agency was reduced
  • Employers can provide information about vacancies online
  • The State administrative bodies have access to information from databases of the employment agency
  • The Users get information, which promotes employment and occupational guidance
  • The scope of paper documentation was reduced
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