Unified regulatory and reference information system

  • single standard of regulatory and reference information maintenance
  • remove of duplication or incorrect display of data
  • possibility of remote work with records in guides
  • interaction with other information systems
Republican Unitary Enterprise "National Center for e-Service"
This government enterprise is an operator of interdepartmental information systems, based on which an effective “e-government” is being created in the Republic of Belarus. The Enterprise renders more than 300 services.
  • to provide maintenance of unified centralized guides for the interdepartmental docflow system of state authorities
  • to provide system scalability under the growth of data
  • to allow correcting data under control and their timely updating in the system
  • to give remote and secure access to information


The interdepartmental docflow system is a republic-level solution that provides cooperation of public authorities. Nowadays every government body is among the subscribers of the interdepartmental docflow system. At the end of the year 2016, more than 17000 subscribers had access to this system.
During the implementation of the project, the National Center for e-Service came up against a situation of incomplete and incorrect reflection of the list of organizations and information about them. It couldn’t ensure guaranteed delivery of documents in interdepartmental coordination.


The main task for Novacom specialists was to create a system of centralized maintenance of regulatory and reference information. This information is necessary for working with the interdepartmental docflow system, which has data about the system users.
Our specialists performed the following activities:

  • update and standardization of information maintenance about subscribers: list, data about forms of legal entity's incorporation; information about electronic docflow system, users’ job positions, list with document types, which can be transferred in the system and other service data
  • creation of subsystems for work with guides, which make it possible to perform actions within the guides, to create and process requests to change/delete/add records into a guide, unload guides into the departmental docflow systems in automatic mode with using web-service technologies
  • creation of a designer which gives its users possibility to create new guides without programmers’ participation
  • access rights differentiation for role and responsibilities distribution
  • provision of safety access for Users to the system database, event and User activity logging
  • creation of the front-end software part powered by browsers with the authentication system through a login/password

For comfortable using, there are possibilities to search, filter and edit records in the guides. The system keeps growth of sources and dataflow, number of work places and functions without changing the application software. The implementation time of the system is 3 months.


The Novacom specialists created a system that automates and orders information about the subscribers of the interdepartmental docflow system in the form of guides, they ensured entirety and actuality of the guides; any guide can be delivered to the system’s users at the request of the subscribers.

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